Meet the artist


  •     Gary Ault will tell you that his proudest accomplishments have been those involving raising his three children. Not that he hasn't made his share of mistakes or that he’s done it alone by any means but the part he played gives him his most satisfaction. 
  •     Ault graduated 3rd in his graphic design class from the University of Cincinnati’s Design Art & Architecture college, a program that for years has been one of the top 10 graphic design programs in the country, winning his senior class design award for the communications program he developed for the Cincinnati Convention Bureau. He dual majored in graphic design and marketing and chose to make his professional career in marketing.
  •     He came to Greenville in the 80′s, recruited to continue his career in bank marketing, then moved on to serve as the first marketing director of the Peace Center for the Performing Arts and later he and his partner started Greenville’s city magazine that they built into a regional publishing company with three publications, before selling it in 2008.
  •     During those years he received a number of awards for his continuing support of social issues and particularly his recognition and support of local educational issues. He was presented with the “Superintendents Award” by the Superintendent of Greenville County Schools for this ongoing support and recognized by South Carolina Senate for the same reason. 
  •     Gary’s commitment to helping non-profits continued here when he started the RoundTowners that even today lends volunteer assistance to non-profit groups in need and he and his wife Lucy started The Family Book Project that established libraries at four homeless shelters in Greenville. Gary has also been or is currently engaged with Greenville Tech and helped start their Entrepreneurs Forum; MS Chapter of the Carolinas; Main Street Events Board; Furman fundraising; BBB Board and SCETV Advisory Board to name just a few.
  •      After retiring he began marketing consulting and income maximization for small companies and nonprofits until he had an epiphany that changed his professional direction, he returned to his early roots and his first love of graphic design and illustration. Gary started Art by Ault and he experienced an immediate acceptance for his Pen & Ink illustrations of homes, portraits, pets, regional landmarks and colleges and his illustrations have been ordered by and collected as keepsakes by admirers throughout the country.
  •     In early 2013 he taught illustration in two continuing education programs at Furman University and reports that he’s learned at least as much from his students as he has tried to teach them! 
  •     Gary says that he has been lucky and blessed with a wonderfully supportive family, a few close friends and a God given talent.